Jimmy Cooper Suspends 2022 Congressional Campaign to Run for GA’s 145th State House Seat: Still Plans to Run for Congress Again in 2024

Hi everyone. Thank you for your support for our current and previous campaigns. I just want to give a campaign update. I am committed to running for office through 2024, and working to organize a progressive wave of candidates to win a majority in Congress, and make major gains in state and local offices by 2024, and then continue to gain and maintain progressive majorities in federal, state, and local governments from here on out. 

As part of that effort, I will continue to promote the Coalition of Independent Progressives, as a way to organize, identify, endorse, and publicize independent and third party progressive candidates. 

As for my congressional campaign, I see each election I have run in, and will run in, 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2024, as one long campaign, rather than four individual campaigns. I see it like one football game with four quarters. And the ultimate goal is to get a progressive majority by 2024. 

In an effort to build a stronger congressional campaign in 2024, I have suspended my 2022 congressional campaign, and am now running for Georgia’s 145th State House seat, which requires far fewer petition signatures to get on the ballot. I have already qualified for this race and am an official candidate. 

My Platform is designed to make things better for people in Georgia, as well as make Georgia”s ballot access requirements fair and realistic. 

Please check out my Jimmy Cooper for Georgia campaign page:

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