Contibute Now

Whether it is the $5,220 qualifying fee due the first week of March, 2022, to qualify Jimmy Cooper for this election, or the work of mobilizing working people throughout South Georgia to collect the petition signatures due July 14th to put Jimmy on the ballot, the printing, the media buys, staging events to meet the voters and a range of related expenses; no doubt about it, running a campaign for public office costs money.

Whether you can give $10 or the $2,900 maximum permitted by law, your contributions are both necessary to fuel this campaign and vital to the challenge Jimmy must make to bring us back from the brink of the climate catastrophe, to exercise the Congressional oversight necessary to reign in corruption and impeachable offenses, to effectively challenge the forever wars which drain from our communities the resources so desperately needed to serve the needs of rural Georgians. Your shared sacrifice makes Jimmy’s challenge possible.

Please consider flipping the switch to make your contribution a monthly pledge. It takes only 520 $10/month sustaining contributors now to both pay the qualifying fee in early March and to provide a base for building this campaign through the close of the polls in November. But if you can afford to do so, please consider $20, $50 or $100 a month instead.

As Jimmy put it in his campaign launch video, “Working class Americans can win elections and take over our government. There are far more of us than there are billionaires. All we have to do is support progressive candidates; and vote for them. It really is just as simple as that. We can win a revolution at the ballot box.” Your financial support fuels our work to do just that.

Contibute Now

Jimmy is challenging a six-term incumbent who has nearly $700,000 cash on hand in his war chest, raised almost exclusively from PACs and high dollar contributors, less than 1.5% of funds raised by Jimmy’s opponent this election cycle comes from those contributing less than $200. Jimmy’s opponent over twelve years in office has sponsored only a single bill which has become law; but the incumbent has managed to consistently side with the wealthy bosses and against the interests of work-a-day Georgians living in the rural communities of South/Central Georgia’s 8th District.

The chart below, prepared by the Center for Responsive Politics shows us where Jimmy’s opponent gets his money. Jimmy Cooper’s campaign however relies on the contributions of working class Americans like you. Please give generously.