The Hawkins Campaign is contracting for ballot access petition circulators in Georgia for two days work, this week, starting today. Online training will be provided. And we are also organizing to staff support phone lines where we are prepared to answer real time support calls, to address issues you might encounter while working.

I am publishing this here because in addition to my role as the Georgia Green Party nominee for U.S. Representative from Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, I also serve as a member of the state committee for the Georgia Party and as its Ballot Access Coordinator for the 2020 election cycle.

We need to contract for at least 100 day long shifts. We anticipate contracting with at least 75 people to accomplish that. Those ready to begin work Wednesday morning have the potential to earn $400, perhaps more for two long days of work.

Our filing deadline is Friday at 12:00 noon. We are asking that those we contract with for this work, be prepared to deliver their signatures to members of our state committee by Thursday night not later than 11:00 pm.

So far, we are prepared to accept signatures in Savannah, Macon, Augusta and Roswell. We hope to soon confirm for collection in Athens and Carrollton as well. Be prepared please, when you deliver your petitions to present photo identification so you can have your signature notarized on the circulator’s affidavit.

Suitable candidates for these contract roles are expected to obtain a clipboard, locally source sufficient copies of the petition (available online as a pdf suitable for download and local reproduction), supply ink pens, exercise appropriate pandemic precautions (ensuring use of face masks, shields if available, frequent and publicly visible use of hand sanitizer, particularly to recycle ink pens between uses) and to take precautions against exposure to the sun and weather.

Ready to get started? Complete this form, follow the instructions on the confirmation page and be ready to take a phone call from campaign staff to confirm your place on the team.

We look forward to working with you to put Green Party candidates on the Georgia ballot for November’s general election!

2020 Ballot Access Contract Circulator Application
Liability Waiver *
To the extent permitted by law, I agree to hold harmless and to indeminfy the Hawkins-Walker for President campaign, the Jimmy Cooper for Congress campaign, the Green Party of the United States and the Georgia Green Party against any and all claims and actions arising from my participation in the ballot access petition drive, including, without limitation, expenses, judgements, fines, settlements and other amounts actually or reasonably incurred in connection with any liability, suit, action, loss or damage arising or resulting from my participation in the petition drive; including specifically any exposure to infections or viruses, and for any injury I may suffer while performing the contract role for which I am applying.
An email address where we can communicate with you over the next few days, preferably one accessible on your phone.
A phone where you can reliably be reached, preferably an sms-enabled mobile phone you can carry while petitioning.