Thank you for making it to this page. The candidates of the 2020 Georgia Green Party’s Congressional Slate have collaborated on the following Pandemic Platform, intended to address a wide range of issues faced by Americans, and particularly those exacerbated by the pandemic conditions we currently face. The policies advocated by our Pandemic Platform are grounded in the Platform of the Georgia Green Party, but address as well the urgent demands we must make to protect human health and our survival in the midst of the economic crisis which has been developing for a while, but are all the more pressing during the covid-shutdown. WeRead More →

Your application was successfully submitted, and forwarded to appropriate team members. Watch for an email and listen up for a phone call about next steps. While you wait on that call, please proceed to our online ballot access petition circulators training manual. Watch the video, read the articles at each link provided. The manual is available here: We look forward to working with you. Thank you!Read More →

The Hawkins Campaign is contracting for ballot access petition circulators in Georgia for two days work, this week, starting today. Online training will be provided. And we are also organizing to staff support phone lines where we are prepared to answer real time support calls, to address issues you might encounter while working. I am publishing this here because in addition to my role as the Georgia Green Party nominee for U.S. Representative from Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, I also serve as a member of the state committee for the Georgia Party and as its Ballot Access Coordinator for the 2020 election cycle. We needRead More →

Your reservation has been received. We look forward to meeting you for your appointment in the park this weekend. It will only take a few minutes to sign our ballot access petition, and you can then be on your way. Please bring family and friends, in fact, as many registered Georgia voters willing to sign as will fit in your car! Thank you for supporting our work to put Green Party candidates on the Georgia ballot!Read More →

Corporate politicians do not work for you and me. The ballot access petition filing deadline is upon us. Your help is urgently needed if we are to see Green Party candidates on November’s ballot. This page will share many reasons why you might care and want to help us in this effort. But if you are already convinced, use the button provided to skip directly to the form and make your appointment to sign the petition. In our own history, we are told, we once fought a war over being taxed without meaningful representation in our own government. Many of us have long been madRead More →