Traditionally, our campaign would come to your community for a coffee clatch in your living room, the reception hall at your church, a meeting room at the local diner, library of union office. Given the interesting times in which we live, we’re doing the next best thing, providing us all a safe way for voters in across Georgia to meet Green Party candidates under pandemic precautions.

  • An invitation to attend our next Virtual Town Hall Meeting

    I am inviting you to attend a virtual town hall meeting to chat with me and find out why you should support my campaign.

    I am confident that once you get to know me better, you will take seriously my invitation that you vote for me and other Green candidates in this coming election. 

    You may by now have seen some of my campaign ads, and understand that with others I am working to build the Georgia Green Party.

    We stand for an end to the corruption of elected officials serving the interests of wealthy contributors over the needs of working Americans.

    I want to reverse the hateful, spiteful direction in which our nation is descending.

    With your help we can put a stop to these wars-without-end, which have cost us dearly in the blood and anguish of our service members, and for our all of us in the lost opportunities to invest in our communities.

    Working together, we must take urgent action to reverse catastrophic climate change.

    I am asking that you please click the button below. Sign up to attend one of our upcoming virtual town hall meetings. Watch your email for the link and login credentials.

    My name is Jimmy Cooper, Green Party Nominee in the 2020 election for Georgia's 8th Congressional District for the United States House of Representatives.

    I look forward to meeting you there.

  • How to Join the Next Virtual Town Hall Meeting

    The Georgia Green Party is inviting you to our Virtual Town Hall Meetings, hosted on the zoom platform.

    Topic: Virtual Town Hall Meetings
    Time: weekly: 8:00 pm on Tuesday evenings, and 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoons, until the polls close

    Register for Town Hall Meeting

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    Register in advance for this meeting.

    After registering, watch for a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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